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Personal Space

Today I learned about personal space and why we should not touch each other.  This is what I learned :

Don’t go in People’s Bubble.

Don’t touch people.

Don’t go close to them.

Don’t touch their bags.

Don’t touch their worksheet.

Don’t touch their chromebooks.

Don’t touch their tote tray.

Don’t touch their headphones.

PB4L Lunches

This week for PB4L, we focused on the proper way we eat and dispose our lunch.  It is important we do things on time, to work with Whaea Heraś system.  Here is my anti-rubbish poster and my thank you note to Whaea Hera.


Google Meet Etiquette

In cybersmart this week we have been learning about Google Meet etiquette .

Etiquette is another way of saying manners.

Some of the things we talked about were :

  • microphones
  • camera on
  • raising hand button
  • having a good backround

Next week we are going to have our own Google meet with Mr Goodwin.

Matariki – Waita

In class this week, Miss Tele’a talked to us about Matariki and the story of Tawhirimatea’s eyes.  We got to choose which star we’d like to focus on, then complete the task that goes with it.  I chose to focus on the star Waita because it is connected to saltwater oceans and the animals that live in it.  My task was to be a marine biologist and create a DLO about saltwater oceans or its inhabitants.

I picked this because I am a sealover.

I enjoyed learning more about the sea.

I did well at choosing as a task that suits my strengths.

Water Filter

Today LS1 watched a  video on water filter and how it makes dirty water turned to clean water. I made a water filter on a google drawing  I put cotton balls at the bottom,sand in the middle and put rocks on the top. Next they put the dirty water  in the filter then it change to clean water and you can drink it.





In LS1 we have watched the video “Mojo the Director” that introduced us to the importance of empathy.  Empathy is the ability to share someone else’s feelings or experiences by imagining what it would be like to be in that person’s situation – putting yourself in someone else’s shoes.


i did good at empathy